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Generally when we talk about chemotherapy, the first thing that comes to our mind is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is commonly referred to the usage of particular medications/chemicals to treat quite a few diseases. Furthermore, chemotherapy is usually known to be the therapeutic treatment for cancer. By the use of these specific medications, one can easily find out that the level of cancer cells present in the body is decreasing.

The chemotherapy or antibiotics restrict the cancer cells to grow and divide. The chemo medicines are injected into the bloodstream, so that it can attack cancer cells all through the body. The chance of fighting with cancer through chemotherapy is totally dependent on the time when the cancer is diagnosed.  The cancer patients who are in later stages of cancer have no such chances of survival even if they are treated through chemotherapy.

In numerous cases, chemotherapy alone can cure patients completely. In the later or advanced stages of cancer, the use of chemotherapy can hold up further advancement of cancer cells. Once cancer cells are produced in a body, there is a greater chance of recurrence- chemotherapy can be done again after the removal of the cancerous tumor surgically.